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I am Jessie, a 33 year-old elementary teacher, turned wedding and portrait photographer. My two boys, little girl, and smokin' hot husband take up most of my time (minus a much needed 'girls night' here and there). I am a Montana native and never {plan on} leaving. The mountains, sunsets, evergreens, rivers, and breweries make it nearly impossible for me to imagine living anywhere else.  I have had a passion for photography since I was 11 years old when I bought my first vintage camera from a used camera store in Billings, MT. I finally (after saying "goodbye" to teaching) have time to pursue my dream of making memories come to life in a golden, sunlight-filled photograph. I cherish the "in-between" moments the most- the moments that normally go unnoticed but are usually the most special. I would love to capture fun, untraditional, unique photos for you to admire for a lifetime. Although I am a Montana wedding photographer, I also love capturing families, babies, couples, and seniors as well! Did I mention I travel? Don't let my location scare you away! Half of my photo shoots don't even take place where I live!

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Scobey, Montana


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