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It’s been a hot minute since I have written a blog. Roughly 770,000 minutes actually, give or take. (WHY did I just take 10 minutes calculating that?) I was doing SUCH a good job keeping up with my website and blogging and then OOPS got knocked up. I was extremely sick the entire pregnancy and had zero motivation to keep up with my website. In March, sweet baby Cedar was born. She’s my third baby and has two of the most wild older brothers (5 & 3). Meet Cedar Girl >>>>>>>

The only downfall to having a baby in March of 2020 is that, well, COVID. I was a crazy person for a long time and didn’t leave my house until mid-June. I had 11 weddings scheduled for summer/fall of 2020 and about 50 family/senior photo shoots. I was a HOT MESS at first, but then got back into the swing of things and ended up having such an amazing summer and fall of shooting! I have been so busy with raising 3 babes, having time for my hubby and fam, traveling for shoots, and editing that I have had zero time to work on my website or blog. I decided to give myself some grace and only schedule a max of two shoots per week until the end of 2020. I’m *hoping* this means I will have so much more time for the creative work of revamping my website and blogging once a month.

Now that everyone is up to date on the last year and a half of my life, I decided to finally start blogging! Now, I didn’t wake up this morning with the intention of writing a blog. In fact, I would NOT be blogging right now if my Lightroom wasn’t currently updating its catalog. All three kids are “resting” and it’s the two hours I have during the middle of the day I get to work uninterrupted. Of course, this is when my editing software decides to update. I’m sitting here reminiscing on the photo shoot I had last night and decided it’s time. It’s time to start creating something other than pretty pictures. It’s time to start working on promoting myself and displaying the work I am so proud of on my website. It’s time to focus on not only the photographs I create, but to focus on the other things I love so much about this business Ive created.

K ENOUGH ABOUT ME. The photo shoot I am about to talk about hits close to home because this mama also had a sweet, baby girl in the time of the pandemic. She had Paisley in July and has also felt the fear of bringing a new life into the world right now during the Corona Virus. Although, this is her first baby and I cannot IMAGINE having my very first child right now. At least when I had Cedar I already knew the ins and outs of motherhood.

These brand new 2020 mamas have got to be so freaking resilient and just complete rock stars for going through all of the normal “first time mama” things, but DURING A PANDEMIC. I. Cant. Imagine.

Even there it has been a hard few months, there is so much love, patience, and positivity just pouring out of this (insanely cute) family. This family session was as if fall and winter had a baby. There are still pretty leaves on the trees, I get to have my moody fall look, but there is also a dusting of fresh snow on the ground. We did this 24 degree shoot quickly because of baby Paisley, although she was so laid back and didn’t even cry once! Such a trooper. She must sense that she is a Montana-Native and will have to deal with our ever-changing weather for a long time.

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