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off roads + stubbed toes

I will have the privilege of shooting this couple's wedding this summer in Red Lodge, MT. We had to reschedule this photo shoot a couple of times because of weather (shocking, I know). So when the stars aligned and we were able to meet to do this shoot, I was more than ready to hang out with them for a couple hours. One thing I really like about engagement shoots is getting to know my couples before the actual wedding day. Sometimes it doesn't work out for me to do all of my bride and grooms engagement photos because of, well, the fact that I live so far away from most of my couples. Scobey, to be specific (population 1,100). Small town living is not for everyone, but it IS definitely for me.

Meeting up with Brooke and David was super easy because they only live 30 minutes from where I do photo shoots all the time. One of the things I love about this couple is the fact that they totally went along with me changing the location LITERALLY 4 different times. Very last minute, I remembered about this location that a family friend had told me about once. We had to off-road a bit to find it, but it was totally worth it. (I only had to stop once and ask them if they were shitting their pants on these hilly, bumpy roads like I was. They were not. I was a total wuss).

Right when I met them, I could tell how unique they were and how much they valued the "little things". They brought a blanket that they had found in an old, family cabin that turned out to be an old, legit Navajo blanket. Not to mention her engagement ring is the EXACT ring I dream about. Her accent jewelry even had meaning to the two of them, which shows their attention to detail.

We laughed a lot during this session and had the perfect ending with a champagne toast overlooking the Missouri river and some really good conversation. My hands were absolutely frozen but it was SO worth hanging out with these two gems and getting to capture their engagement photos.

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