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What to Wear to an Engagement Session

Anytime I book an engagement shoot, I send the soon-to-be bride a pdf of "what to expect". It includes everything they need to know about what to wear, how long the session lasts- along with other pieces of advice. Here is a preview of what one page of the document looks like:

Here are the MAIN tips I give couples who are preparing for their engagement shoot:

-Bring options! Definitely bring multiple outfits. Make sure your outifits are timeless, you want to look back at your engagment photos a couple years down the line and don't want to think, "What the heck was I thinking!?"

-Bring a casual outfit AND a dressy outfit. For the casual outfit, jeans and a cute shirt/shoes work best! Something you can jump around in (and easily jump ON your fiance with haha). For the dressier outifit- wear a dress, skirt, or jumpsuit that makes you feel beautiful and glamorous! Dresses and skirts create movement which makes for awesome photos.

-Stick with neutral colors and earth tones. Bold and bright colors take away from the couple and can be pretty distracting.

-Simplicity is key. Too many patterns cause eyes to wander all over the photo instead of just focusing on the couple. If one person is wearing a pattern, the other should be in a solid!

-Layersssss. Bring some layers! Whether it's fall/winter and you bring a cute cardigan or beanies and mittens, or summertime and it's a trendy hat or jean jacket. Layers are always good for photographs!

-Lastly, props are an added bonus! Guitars, blankets, paddle boards, nerf guns, fishing poles, whisky, you name it. Getting creative can be such a fun way for the photos to stand out and make them truly unique to your engagment session!

Meet Nikki + Trent.

Their outfits and props were thoughtfully planned out and amazingly coordinated. Their outfit choices helped make it a pretty amazing engagement session!

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