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mad dogs + magic

Let’s take a second to talk about Amy. I’ve known Amy for about 5 years. We haven’t hung out a TON..but we have had some pretty monumental hang out sessions. Like my sister-in-law, Katie's, bachelorette party in Minot. When you combine “moms night out” (I think I was the only mama there), with a group of girls wearing trucker hats reading, “Bride Tribe”, PLUS the fact that we were going to a Chase Rice (super-hot country artist) concert- the combination was deadly (if you’re wondering, yes he did sign my hat mid-song).

I'm not proud of it, but I don’t remember the entire night. In fact, I only remember bits and pieces of going to the bar after the concert. What I DO remember, is Amy and I (who clearly bonded very fast) taking over the bouncer’s job and demanding to people that we see their Ids. ANYWAY, over the weekend, Amy and I had such good conversations about life and love and I was so, so happy when she asked me to take her engagement pictures.

I’d say this was one of my more "eventful" photo shoots. Although-the weather really was beautiful, about 55 and overcast. We pulled over a couple times on our way to the location to do some random photos. One of which we got chased by an angry dog. I'm a "glass half full" type of person though, and wanting to use EVERY moment possible for pictures, I was yelling, “IT'S FINE! HOLD HANDS! SMILE! LAUGH! RUN, HE’S CATCHING UP TO YOU!!”

I made them do weird things- like run in the middle of the street, jump on each other, dance, kiss.. A LOT. The beauty of these two is that they were able to have so much fun every second of the shoot. Yes, having fun even while getting chased by dogs and stepping in NUMEROUS pies of cow sh*t. We joked that we would name this session, “dogs + cow sh*t + barbed wire”. We may or may not have had to gently step over barbed wire for one of the spots I found. Don’t judge. My point is that some people would roll their eyes, or think what I was making them do for pictures was dumb. These guys either are super fun and care free, or hid their annoyance SUPER well. Either is cool with me.

The only thing I regret about this photo shoot is that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the time. I was having too much fun just hanging out with them. Before I realized, it was 20 minutes until the light was gone. We still had a dart gun war to do, guitar songs to sing, and ring shots to do. Going into hyper-speed mode is an understatement. We got almost everything done that we wanted to do, but I would have liked to hear Amy sing two songs on her guitar, not just one. And I would have liked Amy to tackle Brett after she clearly won the dart war, but we needed to do our last outfit change.

Now I’m not going to give any details away, but Amy and Brett’s wedding is going to be magical.

Like M-A-G-I-C-A-L. Think Lord of the Rings mixed with chic and elegant. I am dying to see the details and can’t wait to party it up with her on this special day in August.

**Disclaimer: We will NOT party quite like we did for Katie's bachelorette party. Unless Chase Rice is there**

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